Built in Soap Dispenser & Extension Tube Kit


Kitchen Classics – Sink Soap Dispenser with Extension Tube Kit (Satin/Brushed Stainless Steel Finish) – 36″ Tubing Kit with Check Valve and Two Bottle Stoppers – 3.15 Inch Flange for Granite
  • NO MORE CONSTANT REFILLING – This kit includes a 36” extension tube so you can skip the messy process of refilling! Takes only a couple seconds to connect it to any soap container. Then you can forget about refills for WEEKS!
  • EXCELLENT PATENTED DESIGN – Our soap dispenser keeps its prime and has a 3″ nozzle that reaches over the sink. Includes Two (2) universal bottle stoppers designed to fit ALL soap containers and prevent leaks and spills.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY – If anything goes wrong, we will *cheerfully* replace your built in soap dispenser and tube kit using 2 day air express delivery.
  • INSTALLATION VIDEO PROVIDED – Walks you through step-by-step installation so you’ll be set in a couple minutes! (Link provided in installation instructions).
  • GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE – Read our customer’s reviews to see what GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE looks like. We genuinely care about your experience and will bend over backward to give you the best quality!


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